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Follow along with these step-by-step how-to videos designed to help you get the most out of your SFI business.

Date Added
4/19/2021 How do I access the Affiliate Snapshot?  WATCH
11/23/2020 Where is my SFI Inbox and how do I use it?  WATCH
10/19/2020 How do I issue a gift to one of my affiliates?  WATCH
10/19/2020 How do I fund my TC Account so I can issue gifts to my team?  WATCH
8/3/2020 How do I rate my sponsor?  WATCH
7/27/2020 How do I create a customized new affiliate greeting to welcome all my new PSAs?  WATCH
7/20/2020 How do I send an E-Card to a prospective affiliate or member?  WATCH
7/13/2020 How do I play the daily biz quiz?  WATCH
7/13/2020 How can I automatically exchange Rewardicals for new signups?  WATCH
6/29/2020 How do I place a bid for an Astro Auction?  WATCH
6/22/2020 How do I reassign a PSA?  WATCH
6/22/2020 How do I start a Powerline?  WATCH
6/08/2020 How do I set up an Auto Delivery?  WATCH
6/08/2020 How do I install a SFI banner ad?  WATCH
5/29/2020 How do I get a TripleClicks Mastercard debit card?  WATCH
5/15/2020 How do I purchase TCurrency?
5/14/2020 Not sure how to get started in SFI?
5/14/2020 How do I add my affiliate photo?
5/14/2020 How do I redeem Rewardicals?
5/14/2020 How can I share my best tip?
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